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Empowering Change

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  • Paid private Facebook membership group with fully flexible terms

  • Monthly topics with invaluable information throughout

  • Weekly Facebook live

  • Guest Speakers E.g. gong baths, pilates classes, personal training sessions

  • Offers on relevant products E.g. 1-1 coaching calls, books, supplements

  • Practical at-home exercises E.g. cooking, recipes, postural exercises

  • Q&A session each month

  • Contact to me personally at anytime via E-mail & Facebook

  • Full support & accountability from myself and the community

  • Friendly competitions & prizes

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Empowering change, look forward to the weekly live. Powerful information week on week. Certainly made me change a few bad habits to make me healthier!


Upcoming Health topics

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  • Gut Health
  • Raising Healthy Kids
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Stress & Chronic Illness
  • Supplements & Superfoods
  • Ageing Process & Hormones
  • How to be a Conscious Consumer
  • Varying Diets
  • & many more...
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